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Mass Location: St. Mary Magdalen Chapel, 2532 Ventura Blvd., Camarillo, CA 93010
Mass Time: Sunday 10 a.m. (check parish website bulletin for special feastdays which may be different)
Confessions: 9:15-9:45 a.m. - see schedule below

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Father Joseph Illo Farewell - Save The Date - June 29th

Please save the date of Sunday, June 29th for a reception following the last Mass that Father Illo will be saying at Saint Mary Magdalen Chapel.  This is your opportunity to thank him for the many Masses he has offered with us and to offer your prayers of support for his new assignment.  Stay tuned for more details!

In the meantime, you can read a recent, short interview of Father Illo at The Catholic World News Report entitled "Because the Shepherds Need Joy" posted on May 29th.  Read more...

As mentioned in this interview, a former Thomas Aquinas College chaplain, Father Paul Raftery, O.P. will be returning to the college as Father Joseph Illo leaves to establish the new Oratory in San Francisco.  Fr. Raftery, a Dominican priest has also served our Latin Mass community for several years when we were at Mission San Buenaventura.

Homily - Ascension of the Lord - May 29, 2014

Acts 1:1-11; Mk. 16:14-20

The Ascension of the Lord is an important moment in the Paschal Mystery.  Jesus has completed the Cross and Resurrection and now returns to the Father.  He will send the Holy Ghost, which we celebrate at Pentecost, Who will inaugurate the Church, the mission to the ends of the earth, the era in which we now live.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Mass, Confession & Benediction Schedule - June 2014

Date Day Time     Calendar Intention
1-Jun SUN 10 am C   Sunday after Ascension Emily Raab (L)
8-Jun SUN 10 am C B Pentecost Peter Raab (L)
15-Jun SUN 10 am C   Trinity Sunday Eric Dodge (L)
22-Jun SUN 10 am C   External Solemnity of Corpus Christi Jonathan Milan (L)
29-Jun SUN 10 am     Saints Peter & Paul Lynn Gabrielle Milan (L)
"C" = Confessions available before Mass
"B" = Benediction immediately following Mass
   *     To request a Mass Intention, contact Brian Maddux

Homily - Fifth Sunday after Easter - May 25, 2014

Jas. 1:22-27; Jn. 16:23-30

Today’s Gospel brings us to the end of our Lord’s discourse at the Last Supper.  The disciples proclaim that they now understand the Lord’s meaning.  However, at the events of the Passion, they will disperse in confusion.  It is not until they have received the promised gift of the Holy Ghost, which we celebrate at Pentecost, that they will understand.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Extraordinary Faith - First Two Episodes Now Available

From the home page of Extraordinary Faith:

"Extraordinary Faith is a monthly 30 minute television program on EWTN that celebrates the beauty of classical Catholic sacred art, architecture, music, and liturgy. We’ll take you to some of the world’s most awe-inspiring churches. We’ll introduce you to dynamic young Catholics whose faith has survived the demands of a secular world and who are becoming key players in the New Evangelization by sharing their enthusiasm for the traditions of Catholicism. We’ll show you the rich vocations harvest that is synonymous with the movement to restore the Extraordinary Form of Mass to mainstream parish life. We’ll give you the resources to find churches that offer traditional worship experiences, and we’ll even assist you to organize your own Latin Masses.
Come back to this site often and read about our latest new episodes. Every episode will be available for viewing on this web site one month after it debuts on EWTN."

Episode 1 - Mission San Juan Capistrano
Episode 2 - Boston and the St. Paul Choir School

Homily - Fourth Sunday after Easter - May 18, 2014

Jas. 1:17-21; Jn. 16:5-14

The readings of the Easter Season show us how the resurrection of the Lord has affected us.  Last Sunday, the Gospel was taken from the discourse of our Lord at the Last Supper.  He tells the disciples He is departing, and going to the Father.  Though He goes from us, He finds a way to stay, in the sacraments, especially the Mass, and in the grace of the life of faith, through the merits of His cross.  Today’s Gospel is taken from the same discourse, and the Lord says He is going to send the Paraclete, the Spirit of truth, Who will teach us all things.  What can He mean by this?

Homily - Third Sunday after Easter - May 11, 2014

1Pt. 2:11-19; Jn. 16:16-22

 In behalf of all of us, I want to wish the mothers among us a happy Mothers’ Day.  In our faith, to be a mother is a vocation, a call from God, the gift of a special kind of love to the family, and a blessing to the larger community.  For the faith and love of our mothers, we give thanks to God.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Mass, Confession & Benediction Schedule - May 2014

Date Day Time     Calendar Intention
4-May SUN 10 am     2nd Sunday after Easter Katherine & Chuck Gilmore (L)
11-May SUN 10 am C B 3rd Sunday after Easter Michael Watson (L)
18-May SUN 10 am C   4th Sunday after Easter Mercedes Dayao (D)
25-May SUN 10 am C   5th Sunday after Easter Helen Milan (L)
29-May THU 7 pm     Ascension of the Lord   
"C" = Confessions available before Mass
"B" = Benediction immediately following Mass
   *     To request a Mass Intention, contact Brian Maddux

Fraternal Charity and the Essence of the Oratory

Read Father Joseph Illo's blog reflections on what he hopes to gain in establishing the Oratory in San Francisco...  read the blog

Homily - First Sunday after Easter - April 27, 2014

1Jn. 5:4-10; Jn. 20:19-31

In the Gospel of the Easter Vigil of Holy Saturday night, Matthew gives an account of the empty tomb.  Immediately following, the risen Lord appears to the holy women.  He tells them, “Go tell my brothers that I am going ahead of them to Galilee where they will see me.”  It is the first time that the Lord speaks of His disciples as His brothers.  He has spoken of them as His disciples, as His little ones, but now, after His resurrection, He speaks of them as His brothers.  It is to say that the resurrection of the Lord has affected not only Him, but the disciples as well.  Now, they are His brothers.  They share the same God as their Father.  They share the same new life.  The resurrection of the Lord has affected them.