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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Plenary Indulgences for the end/beginning of the Year

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posted by  Fr Fryar  1/31/14
Category:  The Spiritual Life 

I would like to wish you all a grace-filled New Year.  Today you may obtain a plenary indulgence, under the usual conditions, for reciting the Te Deum, giving thanks to God for the blessings and benefits of the past year. Here is a link to it:

Tomorrow you can obtain a plenary indulgence for reciting the Veni Creator Spiritus, asking the Holy Ghost for His assistance during the coming year.

Saint Rose of Lima Latin Mass Attended by 330 People

A magnificent Sung High Mass was attended by 330 people at Saint Rose of Lima Catholic Church in Simi Valley, California on Monday, December 29th.  Welcomed by Father Shea, the pastor of St. Rose, Father Earl Eggleston from the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter parish of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel in Littleton Colorado offered the Missa Cantata.

Members of the Latin Mass Community of Saint Mary Magdalen provided servers, choir members, organist & choir director.  The combined choir included parishioners of Saint Rose choir along with their choir director who is the sister of Fr. Eggleston.  Additional altar servers and a Master of Ceremonies from Los Angeles provided vestments and other liturgical items.

Selected music recordings (MP3):

Quem Pastores
Iste Confessor

Photos of Mass at St. Rose of Lima

Church Restoration at Saint John Chrysostom - Inglewood

Father Marcos Gonzalez was an associate pastor here at St. Mary Magdalen, Camarillo in the mid 1990's.  Father Gonzalez says that his ultimate goal in restoring St. John's is “to make the church a true temple of worship of Almighty God.  It should be a “Domus Dei” where hearts are lifted and inspired and the Faith is taught in all its beauty.”  He re-installed a marble altar rail at St. John Chrysostom a few years ago. 
Read about the Restoration at Regina Magazine 
Read about the Restorers at Heritage Liturgical 

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Missa Cantata - Saint Rose of Lima - December 29th

Traditional Latin Mass
Monday, December 29th at 5:30 p.m.
Saint Rose of Lima Catholic Church
1305 Royal Avenue
Simi Valley, CA 93065

Do you enjoy reverence and tradition? Do you love the sacred music of the Catholic Church? Are you attracted to the mystery and beauty of worship in the Latin language? Then the Traditional Latin Mass might be for you!

In 2007, Pope Benedict XVI issued the Apostolic Letter Summorum Pontificum which encouraged the celebration of the Mass according to the Missal promulgated by Blessed John XXIII in 1962. Archbishop Jose Gomez has encouraged the celebration of the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles.

Homily - Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary - December 8, 2014

Prov. 8:22-35; Lk. 1:26-28

Today, we celebrate the cherished belief from time immemorial, and defined by Bd. Pope Pius IX in 1854, that the Blessed Virgin Mary was kept free from original sin from the first moment of her conception, by a unique grace and favor of God, in view of the foreseen merits of Christ in His cross, in order to fulfill her role in salvation history.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Resurgent in the Midst of Crisis - Dr. Peter Kwasniewski

Resurgent in the Midst of Crisis
Sacred Liturgy, the Traditional Latin Mass, and Renewal in the Church

Since the time of the Second Vatican Council, the Catholic Church has experienced an unprecedented crisis of identity, symbolized and propelled by the corruption of the greatest treasure of her tradition: the sacred liturgy. The result has been confusion, dismay, devastation. To the surprise of some, however, the same half-century has witnessed a growing counter-movement of Catholics who find in the Church’s traditional liturgy a perennial witness to the orthodox faith, a solid foundation for the interior life, an ever-flowing source of missionary charity, and a living embodiment of the true Catholic spirit.


Father Sebastian Walshe on the Synod on the Family

On the final day of the recently concluded Synod on the Family, the Vatican’s official newspaper, L’Osservatore Romano, published an essay about the Synod’s purpose — and its challenges — by Rev. Sebastian Walshe, O.Praem. (Thomas Aquinas College, Class of 1994).  A professor of philosophy at St. Michael’s Abbey in Silverado, California, Fr. Sebastian argues that, “The stakes are high,” for the Synod. “For unless modern man can recapture the meaning which God has written into the natural human family, the result will be ignorance and error, indifference and animosity, toward the entire supernatural order.”  The full article is available via the Vatican’s news website.

Homily - Third Sunday of Advent - December 14, 2014

Phil. 4:4-7; Jn. 1:19-28

Today, is the Third Sunday of Advent, Gaudete Sunday, from the first words of the introit of today’s Mass, “Rejoice,” from the Epistle of St. Paul to the Philippians.  We use the rose vestments.  We rejoice because so near is the coming celebration of our Lord’s birth.  We rejoice because the Lord is near and gives us hope.

Homily - Second Sunday of Advent - December 7, 2014

Rom. 15:4-13; Mt. 11:2-10

The 1962 Missal is filled with insights for us.  Today’s Gospel features St. John the Baptist, but it is not about him.  It is fitting, since the whole purpose of St. John the Baptist was, “He must increase, I must decrease.”  His call was to point out and prepare the way for the Messiah, and this he does even in today’s Gospel.

Homily - First Sunday of Advent - November 30, 2014

Rom. 13:11-14; Lk. 21:25-33

As you may know, the New Testament epistles were written in Greek.  The Greeks have two words for time, one is “chronos,” from which we get the word, “chronology,” which is the measure of time by minutes, days, weeks, months, years.  The other is “kyros,” or, “time measured by the fulfillment of events.”  So it is a little like my young nephew, who once asked, during the middle of November, “When is Christmas?” and someone answered, “In six weeks,” which he could not comprehend at all.  And someone said to him, “Well, first we have to have Thanksgiving, then we have to put the lights on the house, then we have to get the tree, then we will put up the Nativity, then it will be Christmas,” and he understood.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Mass, Confession & Benediction Schedule - December 2014

Note:  Benediction will now be on the first Sunday of the Month
Date Day Time     Calendar Intention
7-Dec SUN 10 am C B 2nd Sunday of Advent Rose & Joseph Turco (D)
8-Dec MON 7:30 pm     Feast of the Immaculate Conception All Parishioners
14-Dec SUN 10 am C 3rd Sunday of Advent Michael Munninger (L)
21-Dec SUN 10 am     4th Sunday of Advent Willie & Bertie Burke (D)
25-Dec THU 10 am     Christmas All Parishioners
28-Dec SUN 10 am C   Sunday in the Octave of Christmas Jason Thomas Lopez (D)
1-Jan THU 10 am C   Octave day of Christmas All Parishioners
"C" = Confessions available before Mass (9:00-9:45 am)
"B" = Benediction immediately following Mass
   *     To request a Mass Intention, contact Brian Maddux

Homily - Twenty-fourth Sunday after Pentecost - November 23, 2014

Col. 1:9-14; Matt. 24:15-35

Today is the thirty-fourth and last Sunday after Pentecost.  Next Sunday is the first Sunday of Advent, the beginning of the new liturgical year and the preparation for the celebration of our Lord’s birth.  And so, naturally, the readings call our attention to the end of time.  I would like to preface my comments by pointing out a pattern in the Gospels, which you may already recognize.  The Lord calls His disciples to a very high standard of behavior.  He says love your neighbor as yourself, love your enemies.  But as high as the standard is for our actions, so profound is His mercy when we fail.  He says, go and sin no more, your faith has saved you.

Homily - Twenty-third Sunday after Pentecost - November 16, 2014

Philipp. 3:17-21; 4:1-3; Matt. 9:18-26

When we read today’s Gospel with our mind’s eye, the Lord, by stages, moves from the crowd, to the few, and then into the house where he raises the child who has died.  It is a movement from the macrocosm to the microcosm, from the big picture to the individual, from the universal to the particular.  When we pair it with the words of St. Paul in the Epistle, that the Lord will remake our lowly bodies after the glory of His own in the resurrection, we realize that what he has done for the child and the woman with the hemorrhage in a moment, He does for us over a lifetime.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Appointment - a Mother's Choice

My godson, Aaron Peters is Executive Director for this 6:32 minute Pro-Life video short which was just released 11/12/2014!  

Under the threat of interrogation, a frightened woman is forced to make a choice, with a young man's life hanging in the balance.  Juxtaposition Pictures presents The Appointment! Please enjoy the film and share with friends! 

Homily - Dedication of the Archbasilica of Our Holy Savior - November 9, 2014

Ap. 21:2-5; Lk. 19:1-10

Today, we celebrate the Feast of the Dedication of the Archbasilica of Our Holy Savior, departing from the Sundays after Pentecost, over which this feast takes precedence.  Whenever we celebrate the dedication of a church, we recall the foundations of our faith.  The Church is a living reality.  St. Peter says to the newly baptized in his First Epistle, that we are living stones, incorporated into Christ, the living body of the Church.  The Church is a sacred reality, formed by the saving action which takes place within the church building giving us an encounter with Christ and with salvation.  Anytime we celebrate the dedication of a church, we show our gratitude for these gifts.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Homily - Twenty-first Sunday after Pentecost - November 2, 2014

Eph. 6:10-17; Matt. 18:23-35

The readings today want to keep us from hopelessness, from futility.  St. Paul is writing to the newly-baptized in Ephesus.  It was thought that human events were controlled by spirits, often hostile to persons.  That kind of fatalism would make anyone despondent.  What freedom they have in Christ, then, over Whom there is no greater power in His cross and resurrection.  We have an intellect, which God made to know the truth, and free will, which God made to choose the good.  The greatest good, is, of course, God Himself, and love is an act of the will.  People of faith are not subject to the spirits, but enlightened by faith and strengthened by grace, are able to choose God and His way.  And so St. Paul reminds them that our struggle is not against human powers, but against spiritual ones, and so we need spiritual means, spiritual tools, spiritual weapons.  These are faith, truth, and the Gospel.  With these armor, we will be able to keep our attention fixed on Christ, and so to live in true freedom and in hope.

Homily - Feast of All Saints - November 1, 2014

Apoc. 7:2-12; Matt. 5:1-12

Whenever I think of All Saints’ Day, I think of the anecdote Fr. James Stehly, the former pastor of this parish, told.  The parish school is right next door, and when the students attended Mass or gathered for prayers, it would always be in this chapel.  One year, in November, Fr. Stehly asked the students, “Who are the saints?”  He called on a fourth grade boy who had his hand up, and, perhaps thinking of the beautiful stained glass windows and the sun low on the horizon, replied, “Those are the people the light shines through.”  He is a pretty good little theologian.  The saints are not perfect, and I am not here to speak about the imperfections of the saints.  But they are faithful.  They reflect Christ.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Mass, Confession & Benediction Schedule - November 2014

Date Day Time     Calendar Intention
1-Nov SAT 10 am     All Saints
All Parishioners
2-Nov SUN 10 am C   21st Sunday after Pentecost  Rose Turco (D)
9-Nov SUN 10 am   B Dedication of the Archbasilica of Our Holy Savior Thomas Morris (D)
16-Nov SUN 10 am C   23rd Sunday after Pentecost  Martin Dayao (L)
23-Nov SUN 10 am C   24th Sunday after Pentecost  Leo Vanoni (D)
30-Nov SUN 10 am C   1st Sunday of Advent Katherine Senkus Wiseman (D)
"C" = Confessions available before Mass
"B" = Benediction immediately following Mass
   *     To request a Mass Intention, contact Brian Maddux

Pontifical Solemn Mass - Exaltation of the Holy Cross

After 50 years, the Pontifical Solemn Mass returned to San Francisco, CA on the Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross.  The former chaplain from Thomas Aquinas College, Fr. Joseph Illo, who said Masses for our Latin Mass community and who is now the Pastor at Star of the Sea parish in San Francisco joined Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone in this historic event.

 provided by Traditional Latin Mass Society of San Francisco 

Angelus Press - Latin-Spanish Missals Available

Angelus Press ( now has the 1962 Missal in Latin-Spanish available which contains both the ordinaries and propers for the entire liturgical year plus much more.

and also the Latin-Spanish Booklet Missal which might interest Spanish speaking parishioners.  The Booklet contains The Ordinary of the Mass in Latin and Spanish. Brief notes explain the Action at the altar. Includes prayers for before and after Mass, preparation for the Sacrament of Confession, and the chant notation for the Mass of the Angels.

Homily - Feast of Christ the King - October 26, 2014

Col. 1:12-20; Jn. 18:33-37

Today is the feast of Christ the King.  It was introduced by Pope Pius XI in 1925, in response to the rise of secular nations during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.  A contemporary, G. K. Chesterson said, “When people give up God, the government becomes God.”  Something like this was happening then, and happens now.  Pius XI, in his encyclical, affirms classic Church teaching.  All authority comes from God, whether sacred or temporal, and must be respected.  The truth is determined not by the will of a dictator or by the majority opinion, but by the divine and natural laws.   St. John Paul II, in our own day, said, “Everything is subject to evangelization,” even government.

Homily - Nineteenth Sunday after Pentecost - October 19, 2014

Eph. 4:23-28; Mt. 22:1-14

You have heard me say that the Luke remembers Jesus who had an eye for the poor and lowly, those who know their need for God.  All we have to do is to look at the opening pages of his Gospel.  We see the Blessed Mother at the Annunciation, humble, and the presence of our Lord becomes real in her in His Incarnation.  Luke is the one who remembers the shepherds at our Lord’s birth, the first to hear the glad tidings of the savior.

Homily - Seventeenth Sunday after Pentecost - October 5, 2014

Eph. 4:1-6; Mt. 22:34-46

We can well speak of the Eucharist as the heart of the Church, and yet, it is more than the heart.  The Church is a living being, and so the Eucharist is the heartbeat of the Church.  We see it even in this moment.  We come to gather for the celebration of the Eucharist, the one Sacrifice of our Lord for the salvation of the world, we are nourished with His real presence, body, blood, soul, and divinity, and we go out, into the world, to bring it a transfusion of this grace, and we come back again, bearing the burdens of the world, offering them to this saving Sacrifice, newly fortified by heavenly grace.

Homily - Sixteenth Sunday after Pentecost - September 28, 2014

Eph. 3:13-21; Lk. 14:1-11

Our Gospel today has two episodes which appear to be unrelated, except that they take place in the context of a banquet.  The banqueters gather, and Jesus performs a miracle of healing, on the Sabbath, from which we observe the tenet of our faith of avoiding servile labor on the Lord’s Day, except that we must not neglect those actions which are consistent with the Gospel and of mercy and charity.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Choir Recording from 16th Sunday after Pentecost

The Choir is always welcoming congregants willing to learn & sing the treasures of the Catholic Church's musical legacy written specifically for the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. 

A recording of the Mass was made on the 16th Sunday after Pentecost.  This full stereo recording includes all the hymns and chants including Rossini Propers and Gregorian Ordinaries and is available for download in a single zip file of MP3 formatted files.

Listen especially to the Palestrina and Arcadelt (#13-15) and ask yourself "wouldn't I like to sing that?"  If the answer is "yes", come and speak with a choir member after Mass.  You need not have had any previous training to join the choir.  You will be taught to read musical notation and be given coaching.  You will find that singing the entire Mass is an unspeakable joy that will draw you more deeply into the Holy Mysteries!

1  Spirit Seeking Light and Beauty
2  Asperges
3  Introitus - Rossini
4  Kyrie VIII
5  Gloria VIII
6  Graduale - Rossini
7  Credo III
8  Offertorium - Rossini
9  Lauda Sion
10 Sanctus VIII
11 Agnus Dei  VIII
12 Communio - Rossini
13 Jesu Rex - Palestrina
14 Ave Maria - Arcadelt
15 Sicut Cervus - Palestrina

Click here to download (30 megabytes)

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Mass, Confession & Benediction Schedule - October 2014

Date Day Time     Calendar Intention
5-Oct SUN 10 am C   17th Sunday after Pentecost Laura&Hozie Burke (L)
12-Oct SUN 10 am C? B 18th Sunday after Pentecost Clyde Burke (D)
19-Oct SUN 10 am C   19th Sunday after Pentecost Helen Milan (L)
26-Oct SUN 10 am C   Christ the King Hector&Alicia Tarin (L)
"C" = Confessions available before Mass
"B" = Benediction immediately following Mass
   *     To request a Mass Intention, contact Brian Maddux

Homily - Fifteenth Sunday after Pentecost - September 21, 2014

Gal. 5:25-26; 6:1-10; Lk. 7:11-16

This moving passage appears only in the Gospel of Luke.  Once again, we see Jesus, whom Luke remembers has an eye for the poor and lowly.  Jesus is at the end of His Galilean ministry about to descend to Jerusalem for His cross and resurrection.  Up until this time, He has healed, but this is the first instance where He has raised someone from the dead.  Fittingly, it is also the first time in which He is referred to as Lord, Kyrios, the name attributed to Him in His Godhead.  Only God can give life.  The central purpose of this passage is to present us with the object of our faith, that the dead rise to new life in Christ.

Homily - Exaltation of the Holy Cross - September 14, 2014

Phil. 2:5-11; Jn. 12:31-36

The cross is the fundamental sign of our faith.  We receive it at baptism, when the priest signs our foreheads with the cross.  And we use it all the time as a sign of the blessings of our salvation in Christ.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Picnic After Mass with Frs. Fryar & Carcerano - October 5th

Come and join us in the park after Mass from Noon until 5 p.m. on Sunday, October 5th at the Camarillo community center park.  Bring your own lunch, beverage (no alcohol) and folding chair.  There is a horseshoe pit with horseshoes.  There will be a Bocce Ball set, Soccer balls & goals and Frisbees to use as well!  There are clean bathrooms and a new playground for the kids.  This will be a great opportunity for all of us to get to know both Father Carcerano and Father Fryar as well as each other better! 
Latin Mass Picnic - June 2014
Directions from the Chapel:  From the Chapel driveway, turn left onto Ventura Blvd (west).  At Carmen Drive, turn right (north) to Modesto Avenue, turn right (east).  The park is on the right and the playground is across from 1014 East Modesto Ave., Camarillo, CA 93010. 

Tremendous Value of the Holy Mass

These quotes are taken from the book THE HIDDEN TREASURE - HOLY MASS by St. Leonard.  Imprimatur:  Michael Augustine Archbishop of New York Jan. 2, 1890

  • At the hour of death the Holy Masses you have heard devoutly will be your greatest consolation. 
  • God forgives you all the venial sins which you are determined to avoid.
  • He forgives you all your unknown sins which you never confessed.
  • The power of Satan over you is diminished. 
  • Every Mass will go with you to Judgment and will plead for pardon for you.
  • By every Mass you can diminish the temporal punishment due to your sins, more or less, according to your fervor. 
  • By devoutly assisting at Holy Mass you render the greatest homage possible to the Sacred Humanity of Our Lord. 
  • Through the Holy Sacrifice, Our Lord Jesus Christ supplies for many of your negligences and omissions.
  • By piously hearing Holy Mass you afford the Souls in Purgatory the greatest possible relief. 
  • One Holy Mass heard during your life will be of more benefit to you than many heard for you after your death. 
  • Through Holy Mass you are preserved from many dangers and misfortunes which would otherwise have befallen you. 
  • You shorten your Purgatory by every Mass. 
  • During the Holy Mass you kneel amid a multitude of holy Angels, who are present at the Adorable Sacrifice with reverential awe. 
  • Through Holy Mass you are blessed in your temporal goods and affairs. 
  • When you hear Holy Mass devoutly, offering it to Almighty God in honor of  any particular Saint or Angel, thanking God for the favors bestowed on him, etc., you afford that Saint or Angel a new degree of honor, joy and happiness, and draw his special love and protection on yourself. 
  • Every time you assist at Holy Mass, besides other intentions, you should offer it in honor of the Saint of the day.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross - Fr. James Fryar, FSSP - September 14th

Father James Fryar, FSSP will be the celebrant at a Sung High Mass (Missa Cantata) in the Extraordinary Form for the feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross on Sunday, September 14th at St. Mary Magdalen chapel in Camarillo at 10 a.m.  Fr. Fryar is from the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter and is working with the Archdiocese of Los Angeles to establish a location for a Traditional Latin Personal Parish in the heart of Los Angeles.  There will be a coffee and donuts reception in the courtyard following Mass.

Homily - Thirteenth Sunday after Pentecost - September 7, 2014

Gal. 3:16-22; Lk. 17:11-19

Luke remembers Jesus who had an eye for the poor and lowly, and so, once again, as in last Sunday’s Gospel of the Good Samaritan, a Samaritan is the hero of our Gospel today.

We have a certain insight into Jesus in today’s Gospel.  Leprosy was greatly misunderstood in our Lord’s day.  It was considered highly contagious and the result of sin.  So the leper lived a life of terrible isolation.  People would give them a large girth when passing them by.  In fact, they had to wear a bell around their necks so that before the leper was seen, he was heard, and could be avoided. 

Homily - Twelfth Sunday after Pentecost - August 31, 2014

2 Cor. 3:4-9; Lk. 10:23-37

There is drama in today’s Gospel.  A lawyer asks our Lord a typical question for the day, “What must I do to inherit everlasting life?”  And our Lord elicits from him the ages old commandment to love God and neighbor.  But then the lawyer asks Him, “And who is my neighbor?”  If we were in the crowd, we might bristle a little bit at this question because it is asked in this sense:  who is my neighbor, so I may know who I need to love and who I need not to love.  Our Lord ever so gently and mercifully tells this beautiful parable where the Samaritan is the hero.  Jews and Samaritans had nothing to do with each other.  When the Lord asks the lawyer who is the neighbor to the man fallen victim to robbers, he cannot even get himself to say the word, Samaritan.  He says simply, “The one who showed him mercy.”

Monday, August 25, 2014

Mass, Confession & Benediction Schedule - September 2014

Date Day Time     Calendar Intention
7-Sep SUN 10 am C   13th Sunday after Pentecost  Fr. Kenneth Walker (D)
14-Sep SUN 10 am B Exaltation of the Cross Stephanie Milan (L)
21-Sep SUN 10 am C   15th Sunday after Pentecost  Hector & Alicia Tarin (L)
28-Sep SUN 10 am C   16th Sunday after Pentecost  Herbert Steinbeisser (D)
"C" = Confessions available before Mass
"B" = Benediction immediately following Mass
   *     To request a Mass Intention, contact Brian Maddux

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Brother Stephen takes Perpetual Vows at Benedictine Monastery

The Zalesak & Raab clans journeyed to New Mexico to witness first hand, the solemn perpetual vows of Evan's brother on the Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary.  After nine years at Our Lady of Guadalupe Benedictine Monastery in Silver City, Brother Stephen said his final vows during a beautiful Solemn High Mass.  These monks have built all of the buildings by their own labor and craftsmanship.  See photos of the Profession and Monastery.

Life Centers of Ventura County Receives Medical Facility License

From: Life Centers
Sent: Aug 16, 2014 1:03 PM
Subject: LICENSED !!!!

Dear Friend of the Life Centers,

In my celebratory excitement after our inspection yesterday I sent out an unfinished message, laden with typos.  Now that I have calmed down let me attempt to coherently convey my heartfelt thanks to you for all your support and prayers as we went through the conversion into a medical clinic.

Just before inspection, we put our effort in the hands of God.  We offered it up to Him, knowing we have done our best.  We pleaded for His favor and for a successful outcome. I know we were joined in prayer by so many people of diverse denominations. We were united in our belief that all human life is sacred. Our prayers were answered.  We were granted our medical clinic license following the inspection by the CA. Dept. of Public Health. I am pleased to report that we passed with "No deficiencies" and so we know that all the hard work and preparation was worth it.

I want to thank the Life Centers board for their vision and perseverance. I thank the many individuals  and groups who supported us from the beginning.  Thank you to Dr. Timothy McNicoll, Dr. Keith Shonnard and Dr. Eric Wallace for their medical expertise. Thank you Susan Jones, R.N. and Amy Schuberg, R.N. and staff members for representing the Life Centers so professionally and  for the meticulous preparation and planning. Next week Susan can begin scanning with our beautiful new ultrasound machine which the Knights of Columbus provided for us.  God is so good to bless us with such help!

While we are immensely grateful for all of our staff, past and present, today cannot pass without acknowledging the efforts of two of our previous Executive Directors, Lisa Gelinas and Emily Raab.  Both served us at times of great need. Lisa helped find and move us into this beautiful, new office and Emily poured herself into the minute details and requirements of licensing and office organization.  We couldn't have done it without them. We are so grateful to these wonderful women. Please remember to keep Emily in your prayers as she continues to recuperate from a motorcycle accident.

Thank you again for the support you have given the Life Centers over the years, especially for your support of this conversion to a medical clinic. Technology is on our side and ultrasounds are an amazing tool in educating women about their pregnancies. It is education which can change minds and hearts. It is education that can save lives.

God bless you always,
Michele Loughman​
Executive Director

600 North A Street, Suite A, Oxnard, CA 93030

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Homily - Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary - August 15, 2014

Jth. 13:22-25; 15, 10; Lk. 1:41-50

The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary has been celebrated from time immemorial, the Eastern Catholics call it the Dormition, the falling asleep.  It has been defined in our day, in the lifetime of many of us here, on November 1, 1950, that Mary was assumed body and soul into heaven.

Homily - Ninth Sunday after Pentecost - August 10, 2014

1 Cor. 10:6-13; Lk. 19:41-47

In our Gospel passage, the Lord is in Jerusalem to undergo His cross and resurrection.  From the Mount of Olives, He views the Holy City, the city which will reject and crucify Him.  The Jerusalem of our Lord’s time had lost its way.  It would find peace, but the awful peace which follows war and destruction with its fall in 70 AD.  To the Pharisaism of the day which dominated the religion of Israel, the Lord would cleanse the temple, for His teaching and sacrifice.  In this moment of tears, the Lord takes possession of Jerusalem for His salvific work.  It is there that He will be crucified and rise; it is there that the Holy Ghost will descend on the Apostles and the Blessed Mother; it is from there that the mission goes out to all the world.