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Friday, January 30, 2015

"The Principle" a New Movie by Catholic Author - Showing This Weekend

"The Principle"  by Catholic author, Dr. Robert Sugenis, says that it is a message of hope for the human race and that this movie will be one of the most astounding you will ever see.  Ultimate questions about our place in the universe are addressed by the leading cosmologists in the world.  Empirical studies support the theory that our home, Earth, is the center of the universe!

Quotes from Chicago area religious during movie launch in October:

"Wow! I couldn't stop watching it. It raises important questions and at least opens dialogue that has huge theological implications. The importance of the human person and the unimaginably enormous love of God is at the very least considered again after seeing this film."  Rev. Joe Jablonski, St. Joseph Church, Chicago, IL

“…very engaging and it does an admirable job of introducing a vast amount of material from the last 400 years of the unfolding history of astronomy and cosmology. I would certainly recommend it toothers.”  Rev. John Kartje, Mundelein Seminary

“I found this documentary beautiful and engaging, enlightening and encouraging. Faith will always be faith, but in an age which so respects science, I think that this production may help people be open to the gift of faith.”  Rev. Kevin Feeney, Northwestern University

“Visually, it’s very entertaining. As a Catholic mom, as a Christian, I love what the film is trying to do…I wanted to see more.”  Dawn Meadows Dixon of Relevant Radio on The Principle

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