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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Wyoming Catholic College - High School Summer Program

Wyoming Catholic College is offering a $150 discount for all students of private Catholic Schools and homeschooled students for the 2016 PEAK Summer Programs.  Please just contact the Admissions Office at if you need more information!  The 14-day programs run June 25-July 9 and July 10-24.  Each includes 9 days of classes (Science, Humanities, Theology, and Philosophy), horseback rides, rock-climbing and rappelling, and a 4-day backpacking trip.  It's an adventure, and not only for students with previous experience, but also for those first trying out the Liberal Arts/Wilderness experience!  It's been changing hearts and minds since 2010, even for students who don't attend WCC.  That's all we can ask for!

The $150 discount knocks the total cost down to $845 (including a round-trip shuttle from the Denver International Airport, reading materials, and backpacking equipment).  Plus, if students decide to apply for WCC and commit by December 31 of their senior year, the total cost of the Summer Program will be credited against their freshman year tuition!

Trevor Lontine ('14)
Director of Admissions
Wyoming Catholic College