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Monday, March 9, 2015

The Hidden Treasure: Holy Mass by St. Leonard of Port Maurice

The Hidden Treasure. This book written by St. Leonard who lived from 1676-1751, describes the great spiritual power of the Mass, how it holds back the wrath of God, its wonderful eternal and temporal benefits and several excellent ways to pray at Mass. Hidden Treasure is the prototype book on the Mass for all other books on the same subject; others basically repeat what this small book contains.

Suffused with saintly unction, is itself a rare "treasure," and one, let us hope, that will never be "hidden" to the world, but known and studied and applied universally by Catholics everywhere. When a Saint writes, one truly senses this fact from the penetration of the words and the fervor of the admonition. And for this alone The Hidden Treasure is most worthy of the contemporary reader's meditative consideration. But, returning to print as it does, during this time of great change in the Church, it should serve both as a guide to priests and bishops in charge of liturgical reform and as a sober reminder to all of the great inspiring power of the ancient Latin Mass. Through St. Leonard's intercession and by the persuasive power of The Hidden Treasure, may those in charge of liturgical revisions keep ever in mind the inner nature and devotional power of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. And may Holy Mother the Church ever continue to offer Mass in the ancient Latin rite that has come down to us from the earliest centuries in virtually its present form.

Purchase at Tan Books or Adoremus Books (ISBN: 9780895550361)

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